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The exciting book by Brad McFadden and Cary McFadden is finished, published and available for purchase! See links below for purchase! All proceeds go to Compassion International.
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The sun has imploded, the earth has fallen into permanent darkness and geological turmoil. Millions have died. Magnet fields are fluctuating making electronics worthless. Modern civilization is in ruin. But there is hope! There is a way to survive. A small group of elite agents have been sent to rescue survivors and get them to safety, before time runs out.


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Kindle Version

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An apocalyptic jaunt reminiscent of Asimov and Orson Scott Card  I was pleased with this short offering from the McFadden duo. With the feel of a well written screenplay, the storyline works its way through a mixture of journals and 3rd person narrative. This is an exhilarating read, leaving me to hope for future editions to be released. Or perhaps a movie. Based on what I assume would be true scientific events given what was described in the novella, the allegory of man vs. environment was classic as in historical science fiction. In addition, the struggle toward spiritual actualization while in an indeterminate struggle added to the tension leading up to the thrilling climax. I really wish there was another book that takes off from here! – Bryan Bridges


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